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  • “We have had NO runability issues at all.  This system creates a perfectly smooth roll that runs great on all of our presses.”


    Jeff Hewett
    Production Manager
    Brunswick Times-Record

  • “It is just a better mousetrap.  If there are tension upsets in the roll, odds are that you will have registration problems on press, or worst case, web breaks.  RollRazor eliminates this problem.”

    Don Mercer
    Senior Technical Support Manager
    Irving Paper, Dickson, TN.

  • “The uniqueness of this technology is the speed of the system and Todd’s proven several times that one operator can run the RollRazor relatively easily without a high level of training.”


    Leroy Berry
    CEO (Ret.)
    Madison Paper
    Madison, ME

  • “Truly revolutionary technology.  A press-ready roll in 3 minutes!  RollRazor would be a great asset at many plants”


    George Wurtz
    President & CEO
    Soundview Paper Co.
    former VP Georgia Pacific Corp.

  • "The RollRazor reduces headcount while increasing tons per man-hour; this technology blows away the winders."

     Ralf Carpenter NEPW Logistics

    Ralph Carpenter
    NEPW Logistics

  • “I was very impressed with the accuracy, cleanliness, smoothness of the cut, speed of the cut (four rolls an hour) and quietness of the equipment.” verso-paper
    Allen P. Johnson
    Quality Manager
    Verso Paper, Bucksport, ME

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RollRazor - High Speed Roll Slitting Machine

RollRazor, Roll Converting Made Easy.  If your company produces large rolls of paper, tissue, film, foil, plastics or other material that need to be cut down to a new size, RollRazor is the world's fastest, most precise, lowest cost, roll cut-down system available.  See if RollRazor is right for you.