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Press Release - RollRazor Has Strong First Quarter 2016

High Speed Roll Slitting & Converting Machine Manufacturer Celebrates Strong 2016

Hudson, MA -- RollRazor is an industry leader in high-performance converting equipment and roll slitting technology. By developing advancements in paper slitter equipment & technologies, the company had a strong first quarter in 2016. The company continues to gain market share with their innovative and cutting-edge approach. This includes the RollRazor machine’s ability to quickly convert large rolls of paper, along with tissue, towel, film, foil, plastics and other rolled products that need width changes.

With the world’s fastest roll cut-down systems, RollRazor continues to facilitate the roll converting needs of countless customers across several industries. One phone call or email is all they need to get the most precise, cost-efficient, and reliable roll slitting technology on the market today.


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Taking the Roll Slitting Machine to a New High Speed Level

cut roll on air shaftThe average slitter/rewinder can convert a single roll per hour. With RollRazor, a single cut takes three minutes, allowing you to cut up to six rolls per hour.

That’s right, we said up to six rolls per hour.

RollRazor can cut tissue, film, foil, plastics, and other materials. It’s simply the world’s fastest, most precise roll cut-down system available.

RollRazor uses a large diameter blade to cut from the outer diameter to the core in a single pass. There is no unwinding and rewinding the web as there is with a slitter/rewinder. RollRazor’s speed is possible, in part, due to the special design and construction of its blade. The tooth geometry developed for RollRazor’s saw blade means it can cut a wide range of products without generating heat. You get high speeds, efficiency, and accuracy all in one package.

Faster than the fastest slitter/rewinder

When you need to rapidly resize rolls even the most advanced, high-speed paper slitters can’t compete with the speed that RollRazor delivers. Consider the time it takes to completely unwind a roll, slit the material, and rewind it – this will always take longer than the single-cut approach that RollRazor offers. RollRazor takes a cut from the outer diameter to the core without rewinding, a simple and elegant process that also happens to be really fast.

This kind of speed increases production. You can get as much as 300 percent more throughput on cut-downs over your existing slitter/rewinder. This will also give your entire mill extra production capacity, and reduce log-jams that happen as work piles up.

With quicker turnaround of converted rolls, you can deliver orders faster, too. Your sales team will appreciate this, and so will your customers. And think about your customers for a moment. When you us a RollRazor, you’re maintaining the integrity of the original mill wind. They’re getting a better product from you.

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Paper Roll Slitting Without Rewinding Yields Higher Quality Rolls

high quality paper rolls without rewindingIf you consider the extreme amount of pressure a roll of paper is put under, perhaps you’ll appreciate those rolls a bit more. HowStuffWorks.com does a great job of explaining How Offset Printing Works, and will make you feel almost bad for paper rolls. Web press speed can reach up to 50,000 impressions an hour, and must move at just the right resistance to travel smoothly and through the presses.

No wonder printers are so demanding of mills.

Slitter rewinders and quality

Slitter rewinders use a method of unwinding and rewinding a roll of material so that it can be cut to a new size. This process does degrade the integrity of the original roll.

Rolls that have been through a slitting machine lose their original tension. Roll coning is also a problem – consider how hard it is to rewind a roll of paper towels that has made its way across your kitchen floor and you have envisioned issues with coning that happen to 2,000-pound rolls of paper. Coning and tension upsets lead to registration issues in downstream operations because the guiding of the web needs to be managed at a tightly-calibrated rate.

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Roll Converting without a Slitter Rewinder

line of converted rolls of paper from 90 minutes of production on a RollRazor Slitter Have you ever had that “eureka” moment where suddenly, you see a solution to a problem that’s been irritating you for a long time? We get to witness that moment quite often whenever we start telling a potential customer about RollRazor.

The conversation usually begins with our potential customer telling us about operation at his plant or converting plant, which invariably leads to a discussion about roll converting and the plant’s slitter/rewinders. “It’s old,” he’ll tell us, “It doesn’t work sometimes, it’s slow, it creates bottlenecks, our operators spend more time getting it set up and keeping the machine in working order than running rolls…” The complaints are always similar, and our potential customer usually ends with the same statement: “But what can you do?”

The big reveal

Over time, we’ve figured out how to remain calm when we hear this last bit. At first, we were so enthusiastic about RollRazor it was difficult to stop from shouting, “There’s a better way!” We’ve learned that it’s more fun to draw out the moment slowly, so we’ll casually say to the customer, “You know, there’s a completely different way to cut rolls?”

As we start to tell him how RollRazor works, the expression on our potential customer’s face slowly turns from consternation to hope. “RollRazor maintains your original plant wind after cutting,” we tell him. “A single cut takes only about three minutes depending on the roll – which means you can cut up to four rolls an hour if you need to.” We’ll tell him how, with RollRazor, he can deliver rolls that have better registration while on press, and that he can promise fewer web breaks – 99.999966% fewer, as a matter of fact.

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A New Look at Paper Slitter Rewinders

slitter rewinder patet imagOn August 3, 1901, Mr. John R. Pulsifer of Rochester New York, and Assignor to the Pulsifer Paper Company of Portland, Maine, received his patent number 929896 A from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The language in Mr. Pulsifer’s application has all the poetry of his time, and he describes “a machine that in the manipulation of delicate tissues, the separate rolls may be easily removed without liability or injury.” In many ways his patent describes the slitting machines – or slitter rollers – that still operate in mills today.

In the mid-1990s, significant updates to the slitter/roller process were made which warranted a new patent, which was granted to Franklin C. Bradshaw and Terry G. Rutledge in 1995.

Slitting machines have been the only way to convert rolls for more than 100 years, and weather your mill uses Mr. Pulsifer’s process, or that of Messrs. Bradshaw and Rutledge, you may notice that not much has changed recently. Until now.

The trouble with slitter rewinders

Slitter machines are actually fairly amazing inventions and they’ve served the industry well for the last decade or so, but they do have their limitations.


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Precision Paper Saw Replaces Slitter Rewinder for Roll Cut-downs

rollrazor cutting rollsThe slitter/rewinder in your plant has seen better days. As slitting machines go, it probably does the job, but new technology has finally arrived that outperforms your existing paper slitting machine by numbers so impressive, they’re impossible to ignore. RollRazor is the superior technology for high-precision roll sawing that delivers speed, quality, performance, and cost savings.

Fast, high-precision roll sawing

When you cut down rolls with RollRazor, you are keeping the original roll intact – which means you’re not compromising the plant wind, so the original plant core is still in place. The converted rolls will have better registration, fewer web breaks (99.99966% of rolls met runability and printability standards while on press), and you’ll keep sheet orientation, too. All this is done at speeds you couldn’t even consider with a slitter/rewinder machine. With RollRazor, a single cut takes only three minutes. Consider what that could mean at your plant – have you ever imagined processing 3, 4 or even more rolls in a single hour? You can achieve as much as 300 percent more throughput over the paper slitters for roll cut-downs.

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Quickly Convert Your Rolls Into A Premium Revenue Stream

RollRazor provides triple the production of your Slitter Rewinder and higher quality finished rolls. This allows you to quickly convert your inventory into top-quality, market ready product you can sell at a premium.

Being from the paper and converting industries, we understand how rigid production schedules are. The slitter rewinders are scheduled weeks in advance, with productions schedules backed up into overtime. When special orders come in, even from your best clients, sometimes these quick-turn orders are hard if not impossible complete.

This is a difficult situation for everyone converting large rolls. Competition is fierce, and nobody wants to make a client unhappy. People have to work more, and faster, and that’s when trouble can start.

What about special opportunities?

What if someone from your sales department has an opportunity to sell special sized rolls, and asks for time to cut the rolls so he can sell it at a premium? In addition to the sale, he might win a new customer, and you’ll get rid of at least a bit of inventory, but breaking up your production schedule to run a special sized roll is expensive and time consuming – not to mention the havoc it will cause with scheduling staff.

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Slitter Rewinders & RollRazor, Best Roll Converting Solution

How RollRazor Can Work Alongside Existing Slitter Rewinders For Maximum Benefit

Example of a paper roll sllitter rewinderIf you are currently using Slitter Rewinders in your converting operation, you will be well aware that although they are essential, they do have some limitations and can be expensive, inefficient and labor intensive to run.

We want to demonstrate how adding a high-speed RollRazor roll converting machine to run alongside your existing Slitter Rewinders can:

  • Reduce production costs
  • Increase sales opportunities
  • Increase production capacity
  • Improve product quality
  • Expand plant flexibility

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RollRazor Purchased By Entwistle Co

Continuing its strategy of manufacturing the highest quality equipment across a broad range of industries, The Entwistle Company has acquired the revolutionary RollRazor® roll converting process from Mapleroc Industries of Portland, ME. Entwistle is now the exclusive manufacturer of the RollRazor machine and supporting services.

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