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Paper Roll Slitting Without Rewinding Yields Higher Quality Rolls

high quality paper rolls without rewindingIf you consider the extreme amount of pressure a roll of paper is put under, perhaps you’ll appreciate those rolls a bit more. HowStuffWorks.com does a great job of explaining How Offset Printing Works, and will make you feel almost bad for paper rolls. Web press speed can reach up to 50,000 impressions an hour, and must move at just the right resistance to travel smoothly and through the presses.

No wonder printers are so demanding of mills.

Slitter rewinders and quality

Slitter rewinders use a method of unwinding and rewinding a roll of material so that it can be cut to a new size. This process does degrade the integrity of the original roll.

Rolls that have been through a slitting machine lose their original tension. Roll coning is also a problem – consider how hard it is to rewind a roll of paper towels that has made its way across your kitchen floor and you have envisioned issues with coning that happen to 2,000-pound rolls of paper. Coning and tension upsets lead to registration issues in downstream operations because the guiding of the web needs to be managed at a tightly-calibrated rate.

There’s no doubt that slitter machines introduce new problems to rolls, but the alternatives are few and far between. In the meantime, clients complain about quality and price, and you’re fine-tuning a century-old machine to meet the exacting standards of high-speed web presses.

The RollRazor introduces efficiency at a lower cost

rollrazor cutting rolls without rewinding. To maintain the integrity and quality of a roll, the solution is simple: Cut it from the outer diameter to its core, eliminating the need to unwind and rewind the roll. This is what the RollRazor does.

RollRazor delivers higher quality rolls because there is no loss of web tension. This is how it can maintain ongoing six-sigma quality of the finished rolls it produces. The roll is always intact while it is cut, and its integrity isn’t compromised at all. Coning never occurs, web breaks don’t happen, because the roll stays in one place while the RollRazor cuts into it.

While the RollRazor is busy maintaining the integrity of your rolls, it’s also doing it at a much faster speed. RollRazor cuts 300% more paper every operating hour, and at a much lower cost -- about $10 per converted ton.

You had no idea! Check out how it works, and read more about the RollRazor. Consider if it might be helpful in your mill, and find out if your mill is right for a RollRazor.

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