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Press Release - RollRazor Has Strong First Quarter 2016

High Speed Roll Slitting & Converting Machine Manufacturer Celebrates Strong 2016

Hudson, MA -- RollRazor is an industry leader in high-performance converting equipment and roll slitting technology. By developing advancements in paper slitter equipment & technologies, the company had a strong first quarter in 2016. The company continues to gain market share with their innovative and cutting-edge approach. This includes the RollRazor machine’s ability to quickly convert large rolls of paper, along with tissue, towel, film, foil, plastics and other rolled products that need width changes.

With the world’s fastest roll cut-down systems, RollRazor continues to facilitate the roll converting needs of countless customers across several industries. One phone call or email is all they need to get the most precise, cost-efficient, and reliable roll slitting technology on the market today.


According to Soundview Paper Company, Chairman of Board, George Wurtz, “Truly revolutionary technology. A press-ready roll in three minutes! RollRazor would be a great asset at many plants.” It’s testimonials like this that have propelled the company to new heights in this challenging and competitive industry. Whether for large volume roll converting operations like paper mills or industrial converting plants or high value, fast turnaround custom orders, precision roll cutting is what RollRazor is built for.


RollRazor is committed to providing converting equipment for their clients’ critical needs.

With 98 years of extensive industry experience, RollRazor’s parent company Entwistle is a reputable firm that continues to receive stellar ratings and industry reviews. Their philosophy and inspiration as a family-owned company is simple – meet all customer needs in a timely, professional, and cost-effective manner. The company has also spent countless hours studying the biggest challenges in roll manufacturing, paper converting and optimal processing operations. With this in mind, they follow a specific plan to ensure your needs are fully met across the board. This includes:

  • Reducing cost per converted ton.
  • Increasing sales opportunities for roll slitting.
  • Increasing roll conversion and production capacity.
  • Producing consistent roll quality roll-after-roll.
  • Improving roll conversion flexibility.

If a business is struggling with making an impact in roll converting. RollRazor offers timely and lasting solutions. By letting the experts handle their high-performance paper cutting needs a new level of productivity and performance is achieved.



For more information on paper roll conversion and slitting machines, please contact or visit Rollrazor.com or Todd Morrison at:


Office: 1-855-807-7271 About Rollrazor

RollRazor By The Entwistle Company is the worlds fastest, high precision roll cut down machine. It is a new approach to converting large rolls of paper, film, foil and plastics. Unlike a traditional slitter rewinder the RollRazor uses a large blade to cut from the outer diameter to the core in one pass creating press ready finished rolls at 1/10 the cost of the traditional mill slitter rewinder. The cut time for a 60 inch diameter roll would take just 3 minutes.

RollRazor 6 Bigelow Street Hudson, MA 01749 United States 1-855-807-7271 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. http://rollrazor.com

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