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Quickly Convert Your Rolls Into A Premium Revenue Stream

RollRazor provides triple the production of your Slitter Rewinder and higher quality finished rolls. This allows you to quickly convert your inventory into top-quality, market ready product you can sell at a premium.

Being from the paper and converting industries, we understand how rigid production schedules are. The slitter rewinders are scheduled weeks in advance, with productions schedules backed up into overtime. When special orders come in, even from your best clients, sometimes these quick-turn orders are hard if not impossible complete.

This is a difficult situation for everyone converting large rolls. Competition is fierce, and nobody wants to make a client unhappy. People have to work more, and faster, and that’s when trouble can start.

What about special opportunities?

What if someone from your sales department has an opportunity to sell special sized rolls, and asks for time to cut the rolls so he can sell it at a premium? In addition to the sale, he might win a new customer, and you’ll get rid of at least a bit of inventory, but breaking up your production schedule to run a special sized roll is expensive and time consuming – not to mention the havoc it will cause with scheduling staff.

Quick conversions are possible

Plants that have a RollRazor have solved this dilemma. We built the patented RollRazor for large production converting without losing the flexibility to quick-turn special orders. The RollRazor is a machine featuring a cutting tower that traverses over rolls, making single or multiple cuts that take three minutes each. This means you can quickly convert rolls at a much lower cost without losing the slightest bit of roll quality or integrity.

Think about what you could do with a RollRazor at your plant. You could quickly produce press-ready rolls on demand, while your slitting machines run their normal production schedule. You can maximize profits, and keep your sales team happy, at a fraction of the production cost of your slitter rewinders.

A new revenue stream

A RollRazor changes the equation at a plant. They provide a modern, tech-savvy alternative to slitting machines which were first patented way back in 1909. The mix of existing slitter/rewinders and the versatility of the RollRazor creates new opportunities that weren’t there before. Production schedules are the most noticeable to staff, reduction in inventory is another improvement that’s easy to see, but there are other opportunities that are created. Quick turnarounds make you more of a “team player” to customers who want everything fast, and the improved reputation brings more business your way. You’re not just reducing time spent on each roll, your developing a new revenue stream for your plant.

Find out more about what the RollRazor can do for your plant, or fill out our discovery form to find out if a RollRazor is right for your company.

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