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Roll Converting without a Slitter Rewinder

line of converted rolls of paper from 90 minutes of production on a RollRazor Slitter Have you ever had that “eureka” moment where suddenly, you see a solution to a problem that’s been irritating you for a long time? We get to witness that moment quite often whenever we start telling a potential customer about RollRazor.

The conversation usually begins with our potential customer telling us about operation at his plant or converting plant, which invariably leads to a discussion about roll converting and the plant’s slitter/rewinders. “It’s old,” he’ll tell us, “It doesn’t work sometimes, it’s slow, it creates bottlenecks, our operators spend more time getting it set up and keeping the machine in working order than running rolls…” The complaints are always similar, and our potential customer usually ends with the same statement: “But what can you do?”

The big reveal

Over time, we’ve figured out how to remain calm when we hear this last bit. At first, we were so enthusiastic about RollRazor it was difficult to stop from shouting, “There’s a better way!” We’ve learned that it’s more fun to draw out the moment slowly, so we’ll casually say to the customer, “You know, there’s a completely different way to cut rolls?”

As we start to tell him how RollRazor works, the expression on our potential customer’s face slowly turns from consternation to hope. “RollRazor maintains your original plant wind after cutting,” we tell him. “A single cut takes only about three minutes depending on the roll – which means you can cut up to four rolls an hour if you need to.” We’ll tell him how, with RollRazor, he can deliver rolls that have better registration while on press, and that he can promise fewer web breaks – 99.999966% fewer, as a matter of fact.

Cutting costs with RollRazor

The customer usually has some questions about how it works – and we can show him a video on our tablet. Seeing the RollRazor in action, you can feel the wheels start to spin in the potential customer’s head. So then we’ll suggest to him how RollRazor can save money for his plant – and even present a new revenue stream. “You’ll have less labor costs,” we inform him. It’s true, many of our clients go from $18st to $4.98st when they start using RollRazor. It also provides the lowest operating cost per ton at $10st. “And consider this,” we tell him, “If you can operate at this kind of speed, think of how you can deliver for your clients – you can turn custom orders around in minutes, you can command prime market pricing on every roll because you’re never compromising the integrity of the wind, and you can get rid of bottlenecks faster. As your clients start to recognize your agility, they’ll come to you first with requests because they know you’ll deliver.”

And that’s when we see the “eureka” moment when we know our potential customer will soon become our actual customer. We arm him with some more information about RollRazor, invite him to watch a demonstration online – or to come and see a live demo at our facility, and we’re off to the races from there.

We have a lot of fun working with potential clients this way, and we’d love to talk with you to see how we can bring that “eureka” moment to your plant. If you’d like to find out more about how RollRazor can transform your operations, download our free brochure, spec guide and fact sheet. 

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