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Slitter Rewinders & RollRazor, Best Roll Converting Solution

How RollRazor Can Work Alongside Existing Slitter Rewinders For Maximum Benefit

Example of a paper roll sllitter rewinderIf you are currently using Slitter Rewinders in your converting operation, you will be well aware that although they are essential, they do have some limitations and can be expensive, inefficient and labor intensive to run.

We want to demonstrate how adding a high-speed RollRazor roll converting machine to run alongside your existing Slitter Rewinders can:

  • Reduce production costs
  • Increase sales opportunities
  • Increase production capacity
  • Improve product quality
  • Expand plant flexibility

Our Analysis of the Converting Industry


Slitter rewinder machines 'convert' large rolls into smaller ones. They do this by unwinding a roll of material, slitting the web into smaller width strips then rewinding them onto new cores of the size required. In the paper, textiles and plastics industries, they have been the only way to 'convert' rolls for around a hundred years.


pie-graph-roll-cut-downsOur analysis of the converting industry demonstrates that two thirds of all roll converting requirements are for 'cut downs' (re-sizing) where a large roll only needs to be cut into smaller width rolls with no requirement for rewinding onto new cores. In a 26,000-roll study, 67% or 17,000 rolls required re-sizing only.

When we look further into this 67%, the majority of these rolls required only one cut.

  • 56% 1 cut on the rolls
  • 35% 2 cuts on the rolls
  • 9% 3 cuts on the rolls

Traditional slitter rewinders are inefficient and costly to run these "cut-down" orders because of the time they take to set-up, unwind and then rewind the material(especially when the roll is a light basis-weight). Rewinding the material also increases the risk of introducing tension issues into the finished rolls that can cause quality problems in downstream operations.

The RollRazor Solution:

Identifying a need for processing 'cut-down' converting jobs faster and more efficiently, led to the development of RollRazor, introduced to the market for the first time, around ten years ago. Less labor-intensive than a slitter rewinder, it has the added benefit of maintaining the original quality of the mill wound roll.

Some Facts and Figures


  • In a recent study a comparison of production efficiencies was made between two rewinders and one RollRazor.
  • Two rewinders managed to produce 500 short tons in one month, with two operators working 180 hours
  • One RollRazor produced 592 short tons in one month, with a single operator working just 118 hours
  • The production costs worked out at $18 per short ton for the Slitter/Rewinder and only $4.98 for the RollRazor.
  • RollRazor can cut a roll in just three minutes and for every roll a Slitter/Rewinder produces, it can produce four.

Targeted Processing for More Efficient Production

Adding a RollRazor to run alongside your existing slitter rewinders allows you to target the processing of specific jobs. By taking the processing of 'cut down' orders away from your slower, more expensive slitter rewinders and putting these jobs on a RollRazor enables faster, more efficient, less expensive production. In addition, they can deal with the following jobs:

  • Converting light B/W sheets
  • Converting narrow web rolls
  • Converting roll widths wider than the Slitter/Rewinder machine

This leaves your rewinders to process those jobs that only they can do, like enabling rolls to be rewound onto new cores, changing roll diameters, or removing defects within the roll.

Using rewinders and a RollRazor for these two distinct areas of production makes sound economic sense. It will speed up production throughput, extend the life of your existing rewinders and increase their overall efficiency.

What Could Using Both Types of Machine Do For Your Business?

One type of machine could never fully replace the other. However using both types of machines in your plant is the best of both worlds and lets them work synergistically, each complementing the other in terms of its capabilities.

Our analysis demonstrated that around one third of the roll converting jobs have specific requirements that mean they must be processed on a Slitter/Rewinder. This means that RollRazor would be dealing with about two thirds of all your plant's production.

brochure-image005If your business operation uses only Slitter/Rewinders and you are considering increasing your production capacity with a new or used machine or are thinking about replacing an existing machine, before you make that big investment, please click here to download our brochure or contact us for more information to see whether a RollRazor is a good fit for your requirements.

It could help you take your business to the next level and increase your market opportunities with a considerable reduction in your production costs, better efficiency and more rapid throughput.

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