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Taking the Roll Slitting Machine to a New High Speed Level

cut roll on air shaftThe average slitter/rewinder can convert a single roll per hour. With RollRazor, a single cut takes three minutes, allowing you to cut up to six rolls per hour.

That’s right, we said up to six rolls per hour.

RollRazor can cut tissue, film, foil, plastics, and other materials. It’s simply the world’s fastest, most precise roll cut-down system available.

RollRazor uses a large diameter blade to cut from the outer diameter to the core in a single pass. There is no unwinding and rewinding the web as there is with a slitter/rewinder. RollRazor’s speed is possible, in part, due to the special design and construction of its blade. The tooth geometry developed for RollRazor’s saw blade means it can cut a wide range of products without generating heat. You get high speeds, efficiency, and accuracy all in one package.

Faster than the fastest slitter/rewinder

When you need to rapidly resize rolls even the most advanced, high-speed paper slitters can’t compete with the speed that RollRazor delivers. Consider the time it takes to completely unwind a roll, slit the material, and rewind it – this will always take longer than the single-cut approach that RollRazor offers. RollRazor takes a cut from the outer diameter to the core without rewinding, a simple and elegant process that also happens to be really fast.

This kind of speed increases production. You can get as much as 300 percent more throughput on cut-downs over your existing slitter/rewinder. This will also give your entire mill extra production capacity, and reduce log-jams that happen as work piles up.

With quicker turnaround of converted rolls, you can deliver orders faster, too. Your sales team will appreciate this, and so will your customers. And think about your customers for a moment. When you us a RollRazor, you’re maintaining the integrity of the original mill wind. They’re getting a better product from you.

The advantage of slitting speed

rollrazor picture frameWith speed on your side, there’s a lot more you can do. RollRazor doesn’t just offer you a better way to do cut-downs, it presents you with a set of new opportunities. New ways to establish better workflow, new ways to sell, new ways to generate revenue.

Consider all the ways speeding up your production could increase your opportunities, and soon, you’ll be able to see that the RollRazor advantage is almost impossible to beat. We’d be glad to work with you and show you how RollRazor can alter your bottom line. Contact us if you’d like to see a demonstration.

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