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Frequently Asked Questions About RollRazor

What type of products can RollRazor cut?

RollRazor was originally designed to cut standard-weight papers. However, RollRazor has successfully cut Bible weight, tissue, towel, non-woven paper products, SBS, liner, corrugated grades, and others. Trials are currently underway for cutting film, foil, carbon fiber and plastics. Because the RollRazor cutting process eliminates heat, the materials it can cut are almost limitless.

How does RollRazor cut a roll?

RollRazor uses a large diameter blade to cut from the outer diameter to the core in one pass.  There is NO unwinding and rewinding the web like a slitter/rewinder.  The tooth geometry on RollRazor’s saw blade allows it to cut a wide range of products without generating any heat.

Does RollRazor cut extra-large rolls?

Yes! Our new Generation III RollRazor is designed to cut rolls up to 60” (152.4 cm) in diameter.

What is the smallest cut RollRazor can make?

It depends on the integrity of the roll and type of the material. For a typical paper roll, the smallest cut would be about 1”.  If your orders called for cutting parent rolls down to 1”, RollRazor can do the job. 

Can RollRazor make multiple cuts on a single roll?

Yes! An operator programs RollRazor to make a certain number of cuts on a roll, including the width of each slice. RollRazor then starts on one end of the roll, and performs the first cut, then indexes to the next location and makes the second cut. It repeats the process until all cuts are made.

Can RollRazor really process four rolls in one hour?

Yes! In fact, some have even reached as many as six rolls per hour.  The rolls per hour production rate varies between plants, operators, and internal operating procedures, and depends on the operators ability level, and the number of cuts per roll.

Is the cutting process dusty?

No, in fact the byproduct of the cutting process is not dust, it's a chip!  These paper chips look similar to chips found in a common woodworking shop.

How loud is RollRazor?

Tests conducted while cutting groundwood paper rolls showed an average of 84 dB at the operators console, which is comparable to the use of a milling machine (85 dB) or a garbage disposal (80 dB). This noise level is present only during the cutting process, which is approximately 3 minutes per cut.

How long does it take to build a RollRazor for installation?

Each project varies depending on requirements, but it takes on average 10 months to construct a RollRazor for installation.  On-site installation and commissioning takes 4 weeks, depending on site variables.

Does Entwistle offer contract roll-cutting services?

No. The Entwistle Company is a manufacturer of high quality machines for various processes.  It sells, builds, installs, and services its equipment world-wide. Roll servicing and converting is done by customers like you!

Is the RollRazor mobile?

No. As with other production equipment, RollRazor is designed for installation in a fixed location, where rolls are generated.

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