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RollRazor For Paper Mills: Faster Turn-Around Orders & Increased Sales

RollRazor For Paper Mills

paper-mill3 times faster than a mill slitter rewinder!

Resizing or "cut-down" of rolls with a rewinder is an expensive, time consuming, and energy-intensive process. The RollRazor makes resizing rolls fast and energy-efficient, substantially reducing your costs. With a RollRazor in your mill you can lower costs on your existing business and take advantage of more opportunities with the increased speed and flexibility.


Roll Converting Speed

Why purchase another rewinder that will produce on average, one roll per hour, when you can augment your existing rewinders with a RollRazor that will produce four to five rolls in the same hour. It is like getting three rewinders in one. Faster Speed = Lower Cost.

Finished Roll Consistency

Gain better printability and runnability with reworked rolls with one clean cut rather than unwinding, slitting, then rewinding to achieve the desired width.

Roll Size Flexibility

Unlike rewinders, with their width limitations, RollRazor is designed to cut any sized roll from 10" to 132". Also, with RollRazor, the operator sets the finished roll size on the computer; so switching rolls, orders, or even grades requires little to no set-up time.

paper-reel-on-paper-machineSo what does all this mean to you?

  • Quickly reduce mill inventories
  • Get prime market pricing on all tons produced
  • Faster turnaround orders
  • Increased sales
  • Improved trim efficiencies
  • Reduced dependence on older rewinders
  • Quickly repair all damaged rolls at the mill
  • Keep all remaining cookies for internal recycling
  • Roll stocking programs can be a reality

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