RollRazor - High speed alternative to traditional slitter machines

A RollRazor is up to 3 times faster than a slitter rewinder!

rollrazor cutting rolls faster than a slitter rewinderBuilt for quickly resizing or "cut-down" of rolls, RollRazor blows away slitters in head to head roll converting trials. A rewinder is an expensive, and energy-intensive machine that takes time to setup, run and unload. The RollRazor on the other hand, makes resizing rolls fast, energy-efficient and can substantially reduce your roll converting costs. With a RollRazor's speed and flexibility you can take advantage of more opportunities and keep more money on your bottom line.



Convert Rolls From 10" Up To 132" Wide

Unlike rewinders, which have width limitations dictated by the machine size, RollRazor can cut any sized roll from 10" to 132". The operator just loads the roll and sets the finished roll size on the control console; making switching rolls, orders, or even grades simple and requiring very little set-up time.



The Ultimate In Speed And Flexibility With Lower Converting Costs

Having a RollRazor is like having 2.7 slitter/rewinders in one machine, and the best part is that it can be run by a single operator. Now you can focus on the orders that make you the most profit, and have the extra capacity to do it quickly. The RollRazor makes resizing rolls fast and energy-efficient, substantially reducing costs compared to a traditional slitter/rewinder.

Having the ability to create a press ready roll of any width within minutes will give you a competitive advantage. And, since the roll retains the original wind you avoid tension issues and, the quality and runnability in down stream operations is excellent every time. With a RollRazor in your printing plant, converting operation, or paper mill can lower costs on your existing business with increased flexibility, and take advantage of more opportunities.

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